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What is PaleoTrim?

Many weight loss products today contain unnatural, medicinal ingredients.  Others consist of only one natural ingredient.  PaleoTrim™ is the result of our effort to combine several natural ingredients into one weight loss pill.  Combined with exercise and a well-balanced diet of healthy, natural foods, research has shown that each natural extract within PaleoTrim™ helps to increase energy and promote weight loss.   

Is PaleoTrim safe?

PaleoTrim is made from all natural ingredients in a cGMP certified lab in the United States of America. When taken as directed, PaleoTrim is a safe dietary supplement. As with any dietary supplement, it is recommended that you check with your physician or other healthcare professional to make sure it is safe for YOU.

I love PaleoTrim, but what is this Paleo diet?

For 2.5 million years, early man foraged and hunted for seafood, meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, roots and seeds. The period of time before the development of agriculture is known as the Paleolithic era. The Paleo diet is also known as the Stone Age diet, hunter-gathering diet and the caveman diet. No matter what you call our ancestors, some things haven’t changed. Man’s digestive systems have evolved only the slightest amount in the 10,000 years since farming changed our diets. Shortened to Paleo, the modern diet is an approach to nutrition that mimics the early man’s diet for ultimate health.1

cover-trans.pngAll purchases of PaleoTrim come with a complimentary copy of "The Paleo Blueprint" ebook which explains the diet in more detail, including foods you are allowed to eat and foods you are not allowed to eat when on the Paleo Diet, benefits of the Paleo Diet, and tips for living a healthier lifestyle.

1 The Paleo Blueprint, 2012, page 4.