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Paleo Diet Weight Loss Tips


The Paleo Diet (caveman diet), is based on eating which was followed during the Paleolithic period, which mostly included wild game, plant based foods, and foods that were caught in the wild. The diet centers around lean meats, fish, fruits, and greens, and trying to avoid synthetic foods as much as possible. Although it is something that you can alter a bit for your dieting needs, following certain tips can help you see the weight loss success you are looking for when trying to get rid of the extra pounds while you are following the Paleo diet for weight loss success.

Cut dairy
The diet follows the premise that you only need to consume dairy during infancy, in order to help with development. It also takes in to account that you are going to get dairy from other food sources you consume while on the diet. If you do choose to consume milk or other dairy, it should be in very low quantities, and should be limited to a couple times a month. As you can alter the diet to fit your needs, this is one tip that you can play around with; but, to see more weight loss, cutting dairy back is key.

Grass fed
When purchasing foods at the grocery store, you should always go with grass fed for meat and poultry. When you purchase synthetic foods, they are pumped with artificial flavors and ingredients; choosing grass fed means no additives are added to the meat you are buying. It is more expensive, but you are going to taste the difference - and you are going to see more weight loss success on the scale if you choose the right foods when you are on the diet.

Go organic
This is another one of the factors that makes the diet pricier than others, but will help you on the scale as well. When you choose organic foods, you do not get any additives or chemicals added to your fruits and veggies, meaning they are as natural as possible. Although it might be hard to buy everything organic, you should at least look for fruits and veggies that are organic for you to consume on the diet.

Although you can eat fats like nuts, oil, and others found in food, the less you consume the better. When choosing to eat nuts, you can eat any variety, but you should try to limit it to about 1 ounce daily at most. The same goes with oils for cooking. And, if possible, going with the more natural sources of fat, which come directly from the meats and foods you are going to be consuming, is the best choice for you to consider when you choose the foods to eat.

Grains are the main source of carbs you consume, but the more you cut, the better. Intaking higher protein amounts, fewer carbs, and low amounts of fat each day, are some of the best things you can do when on the Paleo diet. Since the body stores carbs, eating higher protein amounts will result in burning more fat, and in turn resulting in higher weight loss amounts. You can eat carbs, but they should be at a minimum.

No cheating
Although this seems counter-intuitive, and may seem like a given, if you do cheat and add many synthetics in to your daily diet, you will not see the success you're seeking. The more natural the foods you eat are, the higher the protein content, the more fruits and veggies, and lower fat and carbs you eat, the more success you are going to see on the scale while you are on this diet. Plus, this is a natural way of eating, and is going to be something you will get used to over time. The longer you are on the Paleo diet, the less desire you'll have to deviate from it.

Adding in exercise will obviously help, and making sure you are always looking at labels and reading what is in your foods is key to your success. The more you monitor food intake and what you are doing while you are on the diet, the greater the levels of success you can expect while you are on the Paleo diet, and the more change you are going to see in your weight loss.